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ML Parts is Canada's leader in rebuilding services & sales of NEW Procon pumps

Procon Pumps Canada is the leader in professional pump rebuilding services

Canada’s best distributor of the famous Procon pumps has built a great expertise in shipping and serving International customers as well. ML Parts has the knowledge, the expertise and the professional equipment to successfully rebuild any model of Procon pump on the market today.

Our Procon pump rebuilding services and the sales of New Procon pumps and pump parts or accessories is fast, efficient and of the highest quality. All Procon pumps bought or rebuilt by us are fully warranted.

Reaching us is always easy. The fastest way is through our telephone line. Here is our full contact information:

International phone number: 1-450-665-1560

Toll-free number, US & Canada: 1-888-763-2580

Email address: info@proconpump.ca

M.L. Parts Inc.
10720 Lévesque Blvd.
Laval, Quebec.
Canada     H7A 4B9

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